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Re: 19 years and still going strong

Hi! I'm grateful to you for posting...I too am new to this site, and so happy I found it.

I was diagnosed in 2000 (age 39) with a 2.5 cm infiltrating ductal ca with 3/10 positive lymph nodes... ER-/PR "slightly" +, and HER2 +++. Left mastectomy, and the the AC/Taxotere process; however, Herceptin wasn't available at the time...I did undergo a right mastectomy as well as the surgeon was concerned about the risk of recurrence.

I've recently (over the last couple weeks) been experiencing pain in my thigh(s), and left hip...intermittent, but still nawing. I have an appointment with the oncologist next week...

Looking so forward to continuing to read inspiring posts such as yours...
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