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Re: Kadcyla rash

Ok, Don't want to miss inform or worry anyone. I was on Herception for 1 yr after
My orginal chemo . NO issues. Was on Arimidex for a year, and noticed lymphnode
lumps in my neck. Very small. CT showed 6 so tiny spots on lung. Went back on
Herception and perjeda (how ever you spell it) It worked. Herception ONLY every
.21 days . It worked for 6 months. Developed rash on breasts that took hydra cortiszone.
Within 3 months NOTICED even smaller lumps on neck. Herception stopped working.
ONLY lymph node affected and Kadcyla wiped it clean. I get cts every 90 days.

I hope you can ask for one if you are not getting them regularly. You may be just
allergic to it. I have been on Kadcyla for a year and 1/2 and I am starting to think
it's not working as well as it did. Right side neck problem, will be seeing Onc. Monday
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