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Re: Christine's funeral


I am not the greatest at details, but I can tell you more.

On her funeral program:

In loving Memory of Christine Handal Druther, August 4 1948 - May 25, 2013.

"Blessed are those who have died in the Lord; let them rest from their labors for their good deeds go with them" Revelation 14:13

The funeral mass was held by Rev. Father Donald Coleman at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic church. (great name) It is a beautiful newer church in the La Costa/Carlsbad area.

Some of the songs included "Be Not Afraid", "Psalm 25", "Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia", "You are Mine", Ave Maria and "There Is A Place"

Father Don spoke of Christine's 20 year history as a brain met survivor. How we often have to let go and give someone permission to die.

I was most impressed with the daughters and their strength to share special memories about their mother, even in this time of grief. Personally I don't think I could have been able to do the same without breaking down into sobbing.

Forgive me if I can't remember which remarks are from Danielle and which from Debra. One shared what it was like growing up in the Druther household, the special values, her fond experiences. Christine was quite the bargin hunter and they found her prom dress for $40. "She would like you to know that." Christine shared with everyone that she was a breast cancer survivor. She could blend the conversation in at the grocery store with the best way to pick a mango.

Her other daughter shared about Christine's experience with breast cancer. She researched and studied and came up with her own plan for her treatment. If her doctor did not agree she fired them and found a new one. She was amazing at networking and reaching out to others. She called up the Doctor (Slamon?) who was responsible for Herceptin and thanked him.

As you know, both Joe and Christine passed within a short amount of time. Her doctor invited one of her daughters in to talk about losing both parents. This doctor pointed out that you are their living legacy. I found that kind and touching.

The Her2support ladies where represented as well in the Remarks of Remembrance. Postings from Jessica, Bonnie, Alaska and others were read. Many of you are well spoken and your sincere gratitude of having this site to come to during your journey with cancer showed. Your words were received with great appreciation.

After the funeral mass Christine was interred at Old Mission San Luis Rey de Francia on Mission Ave, Oceanside, CA.

I did not attend the burial, but Adriana was able to go.

I did give a ride home to Christine's friend. She was telling me how she would go shopping with Christine who was a nutritionist. She learned all about how to read labels.

The mass was a lovely fitting tribute to Christine. Even if you could not be there in person, please post to Debra and Danielle. They are very appreciative of hearing from us.
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