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Caregiver burnout!!

I have been to the point of sheer exhaustion dealing with my sister's oncologist and breast surgeon.

My sister is mentally disabled and has agoraphobia. She had a chest MRI and full CT scan prior to chemotherapy. However, during the bone scan she had a major panic attack and the test had to be stopped. Her oncologist is adamant about her having the bone scan. Her MRI/CT scan were clear. Her lymph nodes are clear according to the MRI/CT scan.

She has HER2+, estrogen/progesterone negative breast cancer and is in stage 2B. She recently finished chemotherapy and now only on herceptin every 3 weeks. The breast surgeon said to forget the bone scan and get the ball rolling for her surgery in about 6 weeks. The oncologist is stressing the scan and stressing her out and her caregivers. Her caregivers are myself and our younger sister.

The breast surgeon wants my sister to do a lumpectomy only. My sister wants a double mastectomy because she afraid of it recurring. That's another issue.

How or what can we say to the oncologist that my sister can not handle the bone scan? The oncologist prescribed valium but it had little or no effect on my sister. She took one last night and she went into a terrible fit.

The stress from the hospital staff (not the surgeon) is causing myself and my youngest sister extreme anxiety. How can we handle this stress? Thanks.
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