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Re: Diagnosed 1999, no recurrence. Chronic pain biggest problem.

I believe in your pain! I, too, suffer from chronic pain. It's everywhere. Mainly I have terrible pain on my surgical side from rads. I see a lymphedema specialist who massages my scar tissue and relieves my lymphedema pain in my arm. I also have a machine that helps with the lymphedema. I also take Celebrex for my arthritic neck pain. And lyrica for my neuropathy. I'm 41. I feel like a mess some days. I had taxol, too.
June 2013 DX Stage 3 Idc, rt breast, er/pr-, her2+++
PET/CT/Brain MRI clear
ACTHP until Dec 2013
BMX Dec 2013
28 Rads Feb 2014
Exchange surgery June 2014
Herceptin end Sept 2014
Headaches start Oct 2014
CT body clear Nov 2014
Brain MRI 4 lesions Nov 2014
SRS via LINAC in Dec 2014
Rt side infection, hospitalized, lost right implant on Jan 1, 2015
Jan 14 2015 MRI brain lesions shrinking
Jan 27 2015 Re-start herceptin every 3 weeks
Feb 2015 CT/PET Body clear
Re-start Lymphedema treatment April 2015
Breast MRI clear April 2015
Brain MRI April 2015 - shows everything stable, nothing new (whew)
CT scan June 2015 - clear
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