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Re: 5 year's out from stage 3 Her2 pos 35 pos nodes
This is the website for the trial I am just completing in September. If I were you I would contact one of the sites in Washington state or Washington DC, which ever is closest. I truly don't know if this is what has helped me so much or being in the trial at Mayo that allowed me to get Tykerb along with the Herceptin. I just know that I feel really good and strong.

This particular trial is looking at two vaccines. Most only look at one. We have a blood factor called HLA-A2 that affects how ouw bodies respond to vaccines and building antibodies. Most trials only accept aplicants if one is positive to this factor, this trial has another are looking at a vaccine called EA37 that more vigoriously stimulates the bodies of us negative folks.

Please feel free to PM me about more details.

Good luck!
Diagnosed: 7/25/08 ~ age 63, no family history
Surgery: 8/14/08 Bilateral mastectomy; tumor left breast, node dissection; right prophylactic with expanders: 1/12/10 latisimuss dorsi flap on left side: 9/22/10 implants in
Pathology Report: ER/PR-; HER2+ (3+); Grade 3, StageIII; 3cm tumor plus 21/21 lymph nodes positive; 5cm DCIS
Chemo: A/C; Taxol/Herceptin/Tykerb; phase II study at Mayo adding Tykerb for early stage
Radiation: 25 rads
Vaccine: Walter Reed GP2/AE37 vaccine study ~ last booster 9/17/2012
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