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Re: Artemisinin (anti-malarial, anti-cancer)

Has anyone had success using Artemisinin? Or used it and it didn't work for them? What dosage did you take? I've been using it since my recurrence, 500mg in morning and 500mg in evening on an empty stomach. Wondering if higher dose might work better.
Sept 2015: diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer. 5.5cm tumor in left breast.
Oct 2015: began neoadjuvant infusions of herceptin and perjeta. Reduced tumor.
May 2016: lumpectomy. Didn't get clear margins.
June 2016: began Kadcyla TDM-1.
October 2016: clear PET scan. No evidence of malignancy
Oct 2016-Feb 2017: continued on Kadcyla.
Feb 2017: began Herceptin only.
May 2017: found new lump. MRI shows multi-focal 5+cm.
May 2017: began taking Artemisinin (500mg 2x/day), graviola (1300mg 2x/day, plus evening tea), CBD oil (80mg in evening), Pau D'Arco.
June 2017: in addition to above herbal medicines, added Mistletoe (orally with tincture), Turmeric, Tibetan herbs.
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