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Dear Michele

I enjoyed reading your story but I think you are being a little more pessimistic than you need to. The main thing at this point is that you do not have any mets to bones or organs (and you don't) and you have had Herceptin which research is showing, may prevent recurrence, so you have every reason ot believe that you can survive this thing.

On other websites I have come across women who have mets to bones, or brain or liver or all of them and who are HEr +++ and have been diagnosed 10 years ago! So even if this does come back there are ways of treating it, and I 'm sure new treatments will be developed too.

I also have had a breat tumour and one node removed last year and then after six rounds of chemo and 20 rads, two months later (Jan this year) found three more nodes in the same armpit. Had them out and am now on Herceptin for one year plus Taxotere for 6 months, and Im hopeful about the outcome . I have some bad days too and some twinges where I imagine the cancer is spreading to but I guess that cant be helped.

The warmest wishes to you from Malta (Europe)

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