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Re: Chemo-induced Osteoporosis: Seeking Healthy ways of Rebuilding Healthy Bones

Hi Laurel, thanks for your suggestion. But the problem with strontium is that it is a denser i.e. heavier chemical than calcium, and it will take the place of calcium in the bones.As a result it makes bones denser but not actually healthier or stronger at all.
Bone density is not really what we are looking for: bone health and strength is the important thing. Smaller/shorter people have smaller bones so are going to start with less density of bone and are thus more prone to being diagnosed with low bone density.
I am reading that the methods for measuring bone density, which here in Australia involves using DEXA, is not very accurate and certainly is no measure of bone quality. There are new MRI processes that are much better, but that is not what doctors currently use.
I am trying to find out what the mechanism is that causes bone loss when we have chemo: could be the docetaxel , and/or the carboplatin, and/or the methasone, and/or the neulasta. It could be that it destroys any remaining oestrogen production but I suspect it is more that it either directly damages the bone forming/breaking-down process or it draws a lot of calcium and/or other chemicals out of the bone and then the relatively inactivity of being sick means the body is not getting the normal exercise that helps rebuild bone. I have read that kids with Cerebral Palsy lose bone density from inactivity and rebuild it with the right diet and exercise.
1997-2004 many cysts, many MG & U/S: polycystic breasts.
Sept 2013 found lump,Cyst?? forgot lump.
Dec 2013 GP check, Referred for U/S, MG,FNA.
7 Jan 2014 Radiology: Radiologist turned screen away from me. When asked she said "Not a cyst, very suspicious.See your GP asa results avail."
Cancelled my psych clients for the week.
8 Jan 14 GP: 2.2cm IDC in 6cm DCIS field. FNA=malignant cells. Referred to Surgeon.
Cancelled my psych clients for the month.
13 Jan
14 Surgeon said L mastectomy not lumpectomy, offered neoadjunctive trial, agreed adjunctive chemo after surgery a good choice for me. Booked Body scan and bone scan for staging (both fine) Surgery for16 Jan,
16 Jan 14 Surgeon also agreed in preop meeting to also remove 6cm fatty cyst in job lot. Good job done.
19 Jan 14 discharged home with 1 drain.
22 Jan 14 drain partly pulled out overnight, serious seroma (600 ml reducing removed every 2 days for a month) Serious staph infection because nurse said wait 3 days for yr surgeon appointment.
26Jan 14 pathology: 2.2cm Grade 3(3,3,2)ER-, PgR-, HER2+2 so to be confirmed by Sish test. Node negative. No vascular or lymphatic involvement. No metastases in scans.
30 Jan 14 HER2+ high amplification, 13 gene copies per cell.
21st Feb 14 Began 3wkly TCH adjuvant treatment at The Mount Hospital Perth, with 3monthly MUGA heart tests +Oncologist or Surgeon full physical check-up.
Cancelled my psych clients for 6 months.
Feb 14 First MUGA test: 71%,
First C15.3 test: 20
7th March 14 began Neulasta self-applied injections 24hrs after each TCH treatment. Bonepain helped by spa, heatpacks and
Claritin, reflux/indigestion helped by Somac.
July 14 completed docetaxol and carboplatin, ongoing herceptin to 12 months. Severe cognitive deficit/fatigue after 1pm daily.
Sept 14 Second MUGA test: 69%
Cancelled my psych clients for 2014
Dec 14 Third MUGA test: 70%
Second C15.3 test : 20
Cognitive fatigue delays return to work.

March 2015 Tachycardia pulse 168, night in hospital. Cardiologist says no heart disease, ALIVE ECG attachment for my mobile phone now regular monitoring.
July 2015 Worktrial, up to 8hrs per wk. Fatigue ongoing
Aug 2015 Heart good, no evidence of cancer, just Fatigue.

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