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Diagnosed 1999, no recurrence. Chronic pain biggest problem.

I participated in one of the clinical trials with Herceptin for adjuvant therapy, enrolled in 1999. Got 4 courses of Herceptin and Taxol (or Taxotere, I don't recall which one now), then 4 courses of AC, followed by radiation and one year of weekly infusions of Herceptin. I developed severe joint/muscle pain from the Herceptin and Taxol, which improved, but never resolved. Still taking extended release morphine, oxycodone, and ibuprofen. Had a hard time getting my providers to believe me about the severity of the pain at first (couldn't walk without medication), and that it is chronic.........something about that Taxol plus Herceptin. I didn't find much about chronic pain in the literature.
Grateful to be cancer free if not pain free!
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