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Thank you for that simple checklist that I could print out. I need to keep things simple. MMMmmm Artichokes. I didn't know they were good for anything except taste. I still feel nervous about soy, since I understand it has estrogen properties. But so do chick peas, and I eat a lot of hummus. I asked my oncologist about chick peas and he said to eat hummus if I want, but everything in moderation. I am giving my vegetable garden beds a rest this year, but my brother tells me that planting beans will enrich the soil instead of taking away nutrients. So I plan to eat a lot of green beans this summer.

IDC, Stage I, Grade 2
Oncotype DX Score 32
Her2++ E+P+, Node Neg.
Lumpectomy 11/04/05 Clear Margins
3 Dose dense AC (Couldn't tolerate 4)
4 Dose dense Taxol & Herc. (Tolerated well)
36 weeks Herceptin (Could not complete one year due to decrease in MUGA score)
2 years of Arimidex, then three years of Femara
Finished Femara May 2011
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