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Re: Writer looking for participants to share stories

I am very wary of a "writer" who can't spell - based, not bassed, although I know we're not all the best typists. However, I would advise our members not to respond to you without additional assurance of safety for both identities and medical info. Identity thieves are very clever and unconcerned about those they target. Dianne, you might find a better option to get in touch with potential subjects either through a local oncology office or the American Cancer Society. Those groups could certainly vet you and your project prior to you being allowed to contact bc patients or suvivors. I caution all our forum members NOT to respond to this request. An on-line request for this type of contact only protects the person who is asking for your info and offers no protection to you, the subject.
Joni -64 yrs old -
3/01/10: found lump in rt.breast
3/12/10: mammogram/ultrasnd/biopsy-invasive bc & DCIS; 2 tumors (2cm er-/pr-/HER2-& 1.8 cm er-/pr-/HER2+); grade 3;poorly differentiated
3/24/10:sent.node biopsy clear
3/31/10:bi-lateral mx.;atypical ductal hyperplasia-lft side
4/21/10:wound revision-infection/scarring 4/28/10:seromas both sides
5/21/10:port installed,TCH chemo (6 x 3 wks); Herc,-1yr; 33 rad tx after chemo
07/2010: port not working-2nd port didnt'work;3rd port opposite side.
07/2010: 2 weeks after 3rd port surgery, threw 3 pulm. emboli-IVC filter installed; warfarin
08/2010: hospitalizations w/3 of chemos; decision to stop after 4th-on to radiation in Oct 2010;Herc cont.
12/03/2010 - finished 33 rads Hooray!! cont. Herc. every 3 wks
4/2011 - pneumonia ??? Nope-radiation pneumonitis. No more Herc.
5/2011 - NED!!! port out.
8/2011 - clean PET & CT scans.Still NED
7/2012 - Still NED/very blessed.
2/2013 - 6 mos checkup-all clear. CA2729 down frm 13 to 11.
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