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Re: Hip Hip Hooray! 10 years NED

Margaret I am so so happy for you!!!10 years. 10 years as you said of appreciating every day and seeing all the wonders around us in a new light. You are amazing and inspirational. Hugs and best wishes for years and years to come Lois
August 2008
Lumpectomy left breast
1 tumour 0.9 cm
Her2 negative
lymph nodes negative
venous/lymphatic invasion absent
Stage I Grade 2
Radiation and Femara

November 2008
Lumpectomy right breast
2 tumours .03 cm and .05 cm and extensive DCIS
.05 tumour Her2+
lymph node negative
venous/lymphatic invasion "indeterminate"
ER+PR low postive
Stage 1 Grade 2

January 2009
bilateral mastectomy
chemotherapy taxotere
Herceptin one year
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