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Re: Headed to year 9

Well done Kym, you were very lucky to get the Herceptin. I was randomised to the observation arm of the HERA trial in 2004. My arm was lucky enough to be offered Heceptin in 2005 when the brilliant results came out. I then had it for 2 years.
Great to hear your success story.

DX Sept 03 age 40 Stage 2B Grade 3 mastectomy (after 2 prior breast conserving surgeries)
"at least" 2.3 cm 3/12 nodes ER+/PR+ Her2+++
8 FEC. Tamoxifen then Arimidex. Ovaries out.
"late" Herceptin for 2 years (18months after chemo) on HERA trial. finished Herceptin Nov 2007.
Multiple bone mets May 2012 and now liver August 2012.
Abraxne, Herceptin and Zometa.
June 2013 Tykerb, Xeloda and Xgeva
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