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Dx Oct 05 Early IDC / Stage 1 / Lumpectomy / Her2+++ / 1cm / grade 3 / neg nodes / ER+ PR weakly+ / post menopausal
AC every 3 wks x4: Had changes in vision; beginning echo 71%; end echo 58%; white counts down once (had neulasta shot). Only slight nausea. Fine otherwise.

Herceptin/Taxol every wk x12 :
Half-way thru, echo = 65%; blood counts all ok except low iron mid-way thru. Received something in chemo 3x to bring back up; hair growing back thick & full;
Rosy cheeks for 2 days after trtmts (blame Herceptin);
Numbness & swelling in both feet,ankles. 20 mg lasix/didn't help; Don't know what to blame; tested for leg blood clot=neg;
Bloated (blame steroids);
Developed acid reflux (Taxol or Herceptin to blame?) Taking prevacid resolved problem;
Vision getting worse (goes back & forth); Started during AC, but now that I'm off of it I don't know what to blame.
Became short of breath upon excertion & very dry crusty nose; Nails splitting,peeling easily & sometimes got mild pain in pelvic area (ovaries?) Blamed Taxol for all of that.

Herceptin every 3 wks (just had 3rd dose)
shortness of breath & nail splitting & crusty nose & sluggish feeling & pain in ovaries area disappeared; now have:
Had runny nose (I blamed Herceptin); No more runny nose after 3rd tx.
Swelling in left foot & ankle much much worse; slight swelling in right foot & ankle (40 mg lasix not helping; I think herceptin responsible; dr says she doesn't think so). Sending me for Muga (it's time) and to see a cardiologist just in case.
Cardiologist did ekg; came out fine; Said ankle swelling is due to water-retenion.
Vision still bad, especially 1 week after Herceptin tx (near & far-sight); I blamed earlier AC treatments. Don't really know now, since it is continuing. Since it's worse for week or so after Herceptin, I blame Herceptin for current vision problems.
Sometimes slight wave of pain in sides of neck for few seconds; I blame Herceptin; Onc said not from Herceptin;
Now after 3rd tx, I am getting more cramps in neck; Actually had severe muscle spasm in neck (under left chin area after trying to stop a yawn).
Still taking prevacid for acid reflux developed during Tax/Herc; Now actually getting gurd. Due to Herceptin?
Was emotional:cried easily (happy & sad) for about 1 week after 1st 2 tx. Was also crabby during same time. I blamed Herceptin. Dr says no.
Cracking in jaw (tmj) worse. I blame Herceptin.
Hot flashes much stronger than prior to any Herceptin (could be because hot weather is here now), but I think Herceptin contributing to it;
Trouble sleeping (sometimes due to hotflashes, sometime not) I blame Herceptin;
This past week have felt a few flutters in heart area. Onc says probably esophageal spasms leftover from taxol tx. Cardiologist said heart ok on ekg. Swelling in feet results in numbing toes (left over from Taxol?). Don't know.
Becoming scatter-brained; Have to search for words at times. (I blame Herceptin)
Other than that....doing great!

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