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Re: No Travel Required - KRAS-Variant Mutation and Breast Cancer

My husband is homozygous for C282Y and H63D. Very familiar with the phlebotomy treatment of this. I wouldn't exactly call that "dodging a bullet" - but it was nice that she found it early.

Some people that suffer from hereditary hemachromatosis also develop Porphyria Cutanea Tarda due to a deactivation of the uroporphyrinogen decarboxalayse enzyme in the 5th step of the production of heme. This disease is nicknamed the Vampire disease, or the Werewolf disease. The Vampire part comes from the reaction to light from the porphyrins that build up in the skin. Exposure to sunlight creates blisters and the skin to tear easily. The Werewolf nickname comes from the excessive hair growth.

This is an excellent example of a health situation where one may experience anemia that is caused by excessive ferritin and supplementing with iron is a very bad idea.

I had forgotten about all the reading I did on this. Brings back memories of before breast cancer. Wow.
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