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Re: dairy products

Hi all
I notice the original thread is from some years ago. Just to clarify some of the issues. Professor Jane Plant is a respected scientist but NOT an oncologist or cancer researcher. She has stayed disease free now for over 15 years. However her bc was NOT her 2 but ER+.In her book she advises a range of actions including managing stress and avoiding chemicals etc along with a dairy free diet. Her belief is that the growth factors in dairy products stimulate the IGF and make bc cells proliferate. She was heavily influenced by the book 'The China Study' and the relatively low incidence among the population there until the move west and eat our diet.
My personal view is that she may have an angle that has some merit BUT certainly not the whole answer for ALL breast cancers!
One of the most valuable things my onc said to me was that curing cancer (of any type) was a difficult job as all cancers had individual characteristics as did all immune systems! This made sense to me and went some way towards understanding why we have different responses to treatments. We still seem a long way away from individual treatments for cancer but hopefully nearer to blocking some key pathways for her 2.

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