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Re: Just Starting Our Fight, Help.

Well yall have done it again! Every time I log on and read these post, I smile, my heart rate goes up and I feel better about what we are facing. Thank each of you so much! Stacy had her first treatment last Thursday and things went much better that I expected. I did get very upset at our insurance company for not approving the Herceptin in time for the first treatment, so she only received the two chemo drugs. We just got word that the Herceptin is now approved and we go tomorrow to just get it.

Stacy has been a trooper but things did finally catch up to her this weekend. Treatment was last Thursday and joint pain, "bathroom issues" and dizziness started over the weekend. She tried to work Monday but couldn't. She is better today and working. Also, she was able to have the tissue expanders filled a little before starting treatment which made her feel a lot better. The Dr will not fill them again until after Chemo.

Yall have given me so many ideas and good advice I can't thank you enough. After wanting to keep this to myself, I finally told Stacy about this group. I figured if it makes me feel so much better to visit with yall, I have to share the experience with Stacy. There were people around so she did say too much but later told me that she wanted to cry when I told her about finding this site and reaching out. Last thing, I just spoke to a hairstylist about cutting Stacy's hair really short before she starts to lose it. Still have to workout the details but Stacy seems excited about it. I will see if she wants to get on here sometime this week to visit with our new "teammates"!
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