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Exclamation Misdiagnosis

I, too, was misdiagnosed. In Feb. 04 I saw my GP about a "scab" on my nipple (had never had anything like that before). She said it was fungus(!) and gave me a prescription for cream to apply on it. Life as a single mom with 2 kids being crazy as it is, I noted the cream didn't appear to be working but didn't get back to the doctor for 8 months, prompted by severe pain in the breast. When I had my mammogram, they didn't even wait for me to check back with my doctor, the cancer was all over the place, I knew it and they knew it. I had Paget's disease of the nipple, plus a huge mass of calcification with an 8mm invasive tumour smack in the middle which was only discovered when the breast was removed. Under the circumstances I feel fortunate to have been diagnosed as Stage I, but I wonder for how long.....
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