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Re: YES!!! It is here. Phase II vaccine trial for Her2 3+

That is wonderful to hear...actually...having problems with hypothyroid...TSH was 0.12... blood drawn per PA was 6 mo, then 3 being referred to an endo...who nows what the next step will be...and throw in a rash, inflammation, ititching on my mastectomy side...had an utrasound, was told it's JUST tired of having such thin skin and ending up with nearly just bone from immediate infection after failed reconstruction...going to have a visit with my PS this Friday...LIFE COULD BE SO MUCH WORSE THOUGH...I sure am concerned about Linn...??
10/18/12 Found pea size lump right breast
11/7/12 Biopsy
12/14/12 Lumpectomy
1/4/13 Rexcision, NO CLEAR MARGINS!! :(
2/11/13 Mastectomy with Expander Placed
2/15/13 INFECTION at Mastectomy site...emergency Surgery!!! Expander removed :(
DX: DCIS, IDC, Stage 2a, 2.7cm, 1/5 nodes positive
ER/PR-, HER2+++
3/28/13 Port placed
4/1/13 Begin 6 Cycles TCH Therapy
4/1/14 Finished Herceptin!!
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