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Re: Why mouse models fail.


Ill browse trough them later. What you wrote makes sense. Onions
Caffeine and raisins are deadly to a dog. Other mammals no. Im addicted to my coffee

I asked the makers of Tykerb why they combine the drug with Xeloda, and they told me it was because the majority of the patients expected to use the drug have already been pretreated with Adriamycin, Cytoxan, Taxol etc.

As far as combining Tykerb or Nerlynx with Herceptin like drugs, as all the anti-Her 2 Neu drugs can lower the hearts left ventricle ejection fraction its
probably safer not to combine them if possible. This wasnt brought up in the conversation so Im using logic. Both Tykerb and Nerlynx are very similar in action and both inhibit the tyrosine kinase enzymes in the EGF-receptor and Her 2 Neu receptor. The EGF receptor blockage is the reasons both of these drugs can cause severe diarrhea.

As far as saying you are a pharmacist when calling the drug companies, this can be checked easily. Maybe you can say you are a pharmacy student. With all of the research you do you sort of are

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