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New to this site: My story

Dear Friends,

I am new to this site and wanted to share my cancer details with you:

2009 - Routine mammogram = non palpable right breast lump
2009 - Right breast biopsy = negative
2009-2012- "normal" mammograms (How could I had normal mammograms with a clip in my right breast. They usually leave the clip after performing a biopsy to "watch" the mass)
2013 March or April (more or less) I started to feel a hard lump and pain (right breast), but decided to wait until my scheduled routine mammogram in June.
2013 June = "suspicious" lump right breast (yes, the same breast that was already biopsed and was negative in 2009. Unknown if this was the same mass that was initially biopsed in 2009 or a new mass).
2013 June = + Breast ultrasound and + breast biopsy
2013 June = Diagnosed with Infiltrating ductal carcinoma Stage II
2013 July = Bilateral mastectomy. Mass was 6 cm!!!! so I was re-staged to stage IIIa. ER+PR+HER+++
Axillary Lymph Node Dissection 2+/17 nodes. Micrometastasis to one of the lymph nodes
2013 July = PET & MUGA negative (normal)
2013 August = Started A C T H. Already completed Adriamycin (A), and cyclophosphamide (C), and currently on paclitaxel (T) and Herceptin (H) Once I finish paclitaxel in December, will continue with Herceptin alone every 3 weeks until August 2014.
2013 October = MUGA negative (normal)

I was advised to proceed with delayed reconstruction due to radiation treatments. I am scheduled to start radiation late January or early February. Reconstruction will follow at some point maybe summer or fall.

For now, I have tolerated the chemo pretty well. No major side effects. Had abdominal/stomach pain, which improved with Prilosec twice a day. Had an abdominal/pelvic CT and now have a referral to see GYN next week.

I'm starting to feel pain in my fingertips and my nails are getting darker. I hope that I don't develop bad neuropathy from the paclitaxel.

My treatment "guarantees" success only for 3-5 years, according to my oncologist

Many blessings,

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