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I just added Xeloda to my cocktail last week so I am now on all three. We are going to give it a few weeks and if all looks good I will probably go off Herceptin. No major side effects yet but I am slowly increasing my Xeloda dosage to find a good fit.
4/17/08: Dx Stage IV at age 30 - extensive mets to liver, lungs, and bones. Er/Pr-, Her2+++
April 08-Aug 08:Taxotere, Cytoxan, Herceptin, Zometa - complete response!
Sept 08-Dec 08: Herceptin +Zometa for maintenance.

Jan 09-April 09: Brain mets. Add Tykerb. Watch and wait.
April 09: Gamma Knife 10 brain mets, add Xeloda.
Sept 09: Gamma Knife to 1 brain met.
Nov 09- April 10: Lung progression, add Gemzar to Herceptin, Zometa.
May 10- Sept 10: HER2 Vaccine Trial

Sept 10: Add Tykerb for more brain mets.
Oct 10: Gamma Knife to 7 brain mets.
Dec 10: Switch from Zometa to Denosumab.
Jan 11: Gamma Knife to 3 brain mets.
March 11: Gemzar/Herceptin for lung/bone progression.
April 11: More brain mets - Intrathecal Herceptin
June 11: Ixempra/Herceptin for lung, soft tissue progression.
Aug 11: Gamma Knife
Sep 11: Abraxane/Herceptin
Future: NED

Send me a PM if you'd like to follow my journey on Caringbridge.
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