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Hi everyone,

Popping in to say hi and to update you all. I just had my umpteenth mamo and yearly oncologist check and am still 'dancing with ned' so I wanted to post and say hello to everyone at the same time.

Life has been very busy - I am completing a Masters in Adult Learning and my unit this time is about social organisations - born out of need and driven by those who need them that serve to educate their members about something that afflicts or oppresses them. My thoughts turned to this forum and the hope and nurturing it gave to me in a time of intense need and to the thousands of others before and after me who have also benefitted.

I was dx'd in November 02 with Her2+++ and Er+ breast cancer at the age of 44 and was fortunate enough to be selected for the BCIRG006 trial and was randomised into the AC-TAX- Herceptin arm.

I underwent a lumpectomy in Dec '02 and began chemo and herceptin treatment in Jan '03. I also underwent rads. Unfortunately I was one of the few who comes out of chemopause and because of my er+ status I underwent a radical oophorectomy in '04.

I am still NED and doing very well

Hugs to all my brave sisters

Dx Nov 2002 Her2 +++ Er+ 44 years of age (Pre menopausal)
Lumpectomy 1st Dec '02
Stage II 2cm tumor.. Clean margins
Her2 +++ Er pos
1 x Pos Node of 14
Entered BCIRG 006 Trial Jan '03
4 x AC 4 x Taxotere 30 Rads
1 year Herceptin
5 years Arimadex
Total hysterectomy (came out of chemopause) March '04
2012 - Still NED
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