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I also was very encouraged to read your great news. My mother's diagnosis August 04 was similar (3cm mass; 13/14 nodes +;her2+++;stage IIIB). Her treatment was the same: mastectomy; A/C 4X; Taxol/Herceptin, which she is about to complete, then radiation/herceptin & then Herceptin for a year. I wonder if you or anyone else through this same treatment had issues with the tumor markers fluctuating. That is what is going on with my mom at this time. The tumor markers increased while on A/C, so the oncologist moved on to Taxol/Herceptin, which lowered them. But at treatment 13, they started going back up again, which concered the Oncologist. Mom has had CT & bone scan this week & we are now waiting (as usual). She has her final scheduled Taxol/Herceptin treatment today, but oncologist says she may have to continue depending on how the scans turn out. Did you or anyone else experience this on Herceptin?
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