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Our Experiment Fasting Around Chemo

My wife was diagnosed with HER2+, ER-/PR- IDC on December 6, 2012. I've written about our experience at

In particular, we researched fasting and decided to try fasting before, during, and after chemo (Taxotere, Carboplatin) hoping that it would amplify our cancer suppression efforts while minimizing associated adverse effects ("differential stress resistance" theory).

I summarized that experience here. In that piece, I also included links to articles and research that influenced our decision to give it a try.

Edit 2015: This link no longer works, so I copied the content below.

Edit Feb 2019: No evidence of disease. Still eating a plant-based diet, avoiding most refined carbs and animal proteins, maintaining good weight, exercising regularly, pursuing good sleep, and maintaining up-beat attitude.
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