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Re: cancer is killing my spirit

dear flori - you won't remember me, but i remember when i got diagnosed and was here more and how much i appreciated your kickass spirit. but spirits can be sorely tried, that's for sure. pain is a serious cause for depression. my mom had Rheumatoid Arthritis in many joints, including back, and many joints replaced, and i never understood her weariness and pain until i started experiencing my own, which can't even compare to hers. she was depressed and struggled a long time. i am glad to read you're going to therapy, i personally think it helps a lot if you have a good doc. i am on Wellbutrin as an anti-depressant and the thing i like about it is that it's also got this energizing compenent to it. i upped it not long ago because i lost 5 cats and 2 human friends in one year and didn't think i could stand any more grief. i truly wish you the best and hope your neck feels better soon. everybody's allowed their time in the darkness, nobody can be kickass strong all the time. i'm particularly glad you reached out to other people when you need help. take good care, valerie
8/09 - IDC 1.8 cm triple positive, lumpectomy left breast
10/09 began chemo (taxotere & carboplatin) and weekly herceptin.
1/21/10 finished chemo, continued on herceptin every 3 weeks until 10/2010.
2/10 began 7 wks of radiation
6/10 mom dies of primary peritoneal ovarian cancer
8/10 got my last remaining ovary out
10/10 mammogram all clear
3/11 MRI shows 5 'spots' in right breast, largest 1 cm unidentifiable on US
needle biopsy proved the largest to be old inflamed cyst -phew!
7/10 switched to Arimidex
8/9 switched to Femara - allergic to arimidex
Femara made me lose hair quickly so switched to Aromasin
Aromasin made my hair fall out too and the bone pain was too much.
back on Tamoxifen 1/2013.
blood clot from trains and planes 5/2014 so on coumadin per onco for as long as i am on tamoxifen
tamoxifen was supposed to be up with my 5 yrs in may but my boyfriend was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer so i am staying on tamoxifen indefinitely because i want some ammo against BC, given the stress. lost my husband in only 10 wks in 2007 to stage 4 esophageal cancer.
cancer's screwing with another man i love
2/2016 - 6yrs in remission, off tamoxifen and off coumadin - yay!
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