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Re: Is Herceptin working and the need for scans

Thanks heaps for that post Linn. It's all about benchmarking isn't it! Compared to others I'm lucky but yeah generally this sux. Finished chemo now so feeling a lot better. Radio to get through now and then just herceptin. Day by day
DX 5th November 2013
Age 49 premenopausal
Lumpectomy (left) 19th November 2013
8mm, Grade 3 IDC,
Stage 1, node negative
ER++ PR+++ Her2+++, Ki67 70 - 80%
BRCA tested - negative
AC chemo began 3rd January 2014 (4 rounds) completed
Paclitaxel weekly for 12 rounds cancelled after round 6 due to neuropathy
Docetaxel began 30th May 2014 - 2 rounds completed 20th June
Herceptin (3 weekly for 1 year) began 11th April 2014
Radio completed 2nd September 2014
Long dates cause I'm an Aussie and will mess up if I try to do it your way :)

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