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Re: Is Herceptin working and the need for scans

I wouldn't ever consider yourself LUCKY to have any kind of cancer and have to take chemo. I sure don't consider myself LUCKY. IT IS scary as hell and don't feel like I am not stage IV and therefore I am lucky....We all know you can go from Stage 1 to stage IV quickly or never. It all sucks!!!

Hang in there!!

I was told no scans until or if I have a symptom....Vague, huh. And I am done with treatments besides taking the tamoxifen. However, I did have an MRI last night and I did have a cyst that was 3 mm in 2007. After my last surgery my spine as really hurt, and I think surely it isn't cancer but once you know the treatment and what you have to go thru. It does not make you all happy inside it is just one more thing....Someday's are dark and cloudy, someday's are bright and sunny....Cherish the good ones and get thru the dark ones.
__________________ - started blogging my
IDC breast cancer
7/2012 diagnosed with multiple solid lesions
7/20/12 biopsy done. ER+ 30 PR -, HER+++,k167 80% Grade 2
9/2012 biopsy on lymph node - showed malignant

9/2012 Pre-adjunctive TCH chemo.

12/6/12 MRI after Pre-adj.
Results: Modest Decrease in size of left breast malignancy As well as the associated satellite lesions and auxiliary Adenopathy compared to prior study. Doctors hoped for better but good response it didn't grow.

12/18/2012 left masectomy with axillary nodes
Size 3.2 CM, Nottingham score 9/9
Grade 3, no evidence of in situ carcinoma
Areas of angiolymphatic are identified
Carcinoma is 0.5 cm from inked deep
Margin of excision
Attached axillary lymph nodes: metastatic
Carcinoma in 6 of 8 nodes.
Size of largest node 1.5 cm
ER + 73%, PR+2%, HER2+

2/27/13 6 weeks of IMRT radiation finished

2/2013 Started on Tamoxifan 5 years.

8/2013 will take last Herceptin, 17 treatments total every 3 weeks.

BRCA1 & BRAC2 - Negative

August 28, 2013 DIEP flap on the left breast.
February 2014 Nip & Tuck
March 14, 2014 nipple reconstruction and removed port.
August 14, 2014 lump in lymph nodes under arm and above clavicle. Stage IV
August 28, 2014 herceptin And projeta starting and port put back in.

3/18/15 stopped arimidex.
3/18/15 progression....Tdm1
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