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Re: Diagnosed 1999, no recurrence. Chronic pain biggest problem.

I was a very young 47 year old woman when I was diagnosed with Stage 2A metastatic breast cancer positive 1 lymph node and 2.5 cm on right breast, HER 2+.

I now exercise every day for 30 minutes on an elliptical. I take 2 Glucosamine; 2 CoQ 10 (100mg each) a multi-vitamin and my tamoxifen daily.

I have 3 weeks of radiation left and 15 sessions of Herceptin.

Chronic pain is real, I am very sorry for your pain. I too suffer from joint pain and stiffness. I hope and pray that you will get a MD opinion on the pain and find other supplements to help alleviate your pain. My glucosamine and CO Q 10 has been working great. I sometimes have to bite down on the BIG STICK to get through my minimal workout but I finish what I start.

I hope this helps.......
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