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Re: Please post your two cents on Herceptin "side effects" real or perceived!

I receive a Herceptin treatment every three weeks for a total of 18 treatments. I started Herceptin on Feb. 11, 2016 with four cycles of chemotherapy along with Docetaxel and Carboplaten. Also received 20 radiation treatments after the chemo. I refused to take the Arimidex as Lupron (from the same drug family) destroyed my immune system in my mid forties and I still suffer from the damage. My Herceptin side effects are a very runny nose, increased muscle/joint pain, hives, blurry eyes, bladder incontinence, hair not growing back on the top of my head, exhaustion, sleep disturbances, bloating in stomach. Thankfully my heart function is good and I get an echo cardiogram every three months.
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