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Re: Mindfulness‐based cancer recovery and supportive‐expressive therapy maintain telo


Very interesting. One thing confused me so I looked at the reference (#49)

The article stated that the aggressive cancer cells had (ex triple negative) had shorter telomeres than less aggressive cancer cells. I always thought it was the opposite. The cancer cell telomere stayed long while normal cells had a decrease in telomere size after each mitosis and eventually underwent apoptosis. Reference did say that the cancer cells can activate the enzyme telomerase and keep the telomeres from shortening after each mitotic division.

Ive been doing research in homeopathy. I ordered some homeopathic Phosphorus tablets and plan to increase their potency by dissolving them in some water-alcohol and shaking them vigorously. High potency homeopathic Phosphorus is supposed to increase dream intensity. We will see.

My next proving will be of Carcinosinum which is made from breast can cer cells. Ive ordered the Carcinosinum, will potentize it like the phosphorus and do a proving on myself. When doing a homeopathic proving it is important to know the antidote because sometimes the symptoms produced can be intense. High potency Carcinosinum has been used to treat certain cancers.

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