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Re: Administration Every 3 Weeks Instead of Weekly for First 18 Weeks

Now I'm wondering how old the report is you read. I was treated at MD Anderson where there is no shortage of doctors. It and Sloan Kettering are the top two cancer facilities in the country. I got herceptin weekly for 12 weeks and then went to every three weeks. I was on a different chemo regimen than you and I was getting the chemo every week, which is why I got the herceptin every week for those twelve weeks. When I stopped getting chemo, I moved to every three weeks for the herceptin. So I didn't get it weekly for 18 weeks as you're saying is the guideline.

As for the hospital's not prioritizing your treatment, that would be a concern for me. You don't say where you are so I'm wondering, Is there anywhere else you can go to get treatment?
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