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Thanks Tracy. I also walk a lot, even in the winter, and I do find it helps. That being said, I’m starting to feel a heaviness in my chest on and off from the anxiety. At first I thought this was the cancer, however, it comes and goes based on how I’m feeling mentally, so I think it’s anxiety. I will be seeing my nurse practitioner before treatment next Tuesday (my Doctor is at a conference in Copenhagen) and I will mention it to her again. I do have access to a social worker at the hospitable where I get treatment, and I may ask to speak to her next Tuesday as well. I’m really trying to stay positive, but I’m having a hard time. I took my first CEA blood test last week, and I’ll get the results on Tuesday. As I’ve never done one before, we won’t know based on my tumour markers if the treatment is working yet, but at least I’ll know what my tumour markers are. I’m hoping they are not that high, however, given all of the bad news I have received recently, I’m not sure. Waiting for this test result is also giving me anxiety, and I just need some good news for once!fficeffice" />>>
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