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Re: How many years NED? Give others hope

Stage III-5 years, 10 months and counting NED. Praise God and MD Anderson.
5/07-clean mamo
8/07-found lump in right breast
9/07-diagnosed HER2+++, IDC, ER-PR-, 6.2 cm tumor, stage 3, 1/18 nodes, grade 3, modified radical mastectomy
10/07-power port installed, chemo begins
12/07-finished 4 rounds AC
1/08 began taxol/herceptin
3/08-finished taxol, herceptin only till end of 08
4/08 30 rads
12/08-last chemo I pray
1/09-port out, YEA!!!
Currently NED and pray I stay that way.
Thank God and MD Anderson!!!
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