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Re: 5 year's out from stage 3 Her2 pos 35 pos nodes

I'm not a member of the 5 year club yet but I'm working and praying I get there. I celebrated my 4 year diagnosis anniversary on Tuesday. I was 51 years old, clean mamogram in May and in August I accidentally found a lump. I am sorry to say that I did not do self-exams because I had lumpy breasts most of the time. I knew this one was different. Sure enough stage 3, (6.2 cm tumor)1/18 nodes positive, HER2+++. My family doctor told me to "go home and enjoy my life" which was probably a good thing. I got mad and sought state of the art treatment instead from MD Anderson instead of staying local. With the blesssings of God and the knowledge of MD Anderson, I'm still here and disease free. I had 15 months of chemo, radiation, and 1 year of herceptin. I am so blessed. I worked every day except chemo days. I did take off for radiation because of travel time. I'm 55 now and going stronger than ever. There is hope and life after a cancer diagnosis. I agree, you are not a statistic or a number. You are you. I put my numbers through one of those predictive calculators and they were not great, but I only did it once. Don't dwell on the negative and remember with God all things are possible. Also, stay away from negative people. They are just as toxic as cancer.
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