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Re: 5 year's out from stage 3 Her2 pos 35 pos nodes

Just a little more encouragement ladies. I'm 4 yrs 6 mos out from Stage 2, HER2+, 2 cm, clear nodes. Surgeon strongly suggested lumpectomy with radiation leaving golfball size hole in breast. I elected double masectomy. Biopsy showed another HER2+ tumor the lumpectomy would have left which did not show up on MRI. 5 months of chemo and 12 months of herceptin. In dr's waiting room on 2/09 I read an artical about herceptin and how it was FDA approved for earlier staged cancer in 11/08. Many Drs cried in the auditorum when this was anounced, b/c we had a very poor prognois without it. My advice.... when fear consumes you, you MUST count your blessings over and over. You will find you feel much better. Stay optimistic and stamp out the fear!!! Bless you all!!
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