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Re: 5 year's out from stage 3 Her2 pos 35 pos nodes

I'm so glad I saw this. Being Stage III and just completing my year of treatment I'm now into life after cancer. Thank you so much for posting. I needed to see this today

Had my port removed last week!
Age 47, TN, Diagnosed 05/09
Her2+, ER/PR-, Stage III, 2 tumors = 1 8cm tumor
Grade 3
Sentinel Node Biopsy-speck present in 1 node
Completed 3 month clinical trial of weekly Herceptin and 1000mg Tykerb daily
Tumor no longer present
Right mastectomy and lymph node removal 09/25/09
No cancer present at time of surgery, none in lymph nodes
Start TCH 10/15, every 3 weeks for 4 months followed by radiation
Finished chemo 01/28/10-YEAH!
Herceptin every 3 wks until end of June
Radiation begins 03/01, 6 1/2 weeks
Radiation complete--Yeah!!
Developed lymphedema after radiation
In hospital for 4 days with pneumonia:(
Herceptin done! 06/24/10
Port Removed 07/08/10
Still in PT for lymphedema and mobility issues
DIEP Reconstruction 05/11
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