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I am so grateful. I believe herceptin really did the job for my cancer. I was diagnosed Nov. 2001 with stage IIIb strong her2nue pos. large tumor 9cm by 6cm by 4cm. Had mastectomy and 16 nodes removed. They were all involved. Had 3 months of AC chemo and 3 months of Taxol and herceptin and continued weekly treatments of herceptin for 1 year. Also had 6 weeks of radiation.
I am now NED and feel and look healthier then I've been in 10 years! I was 38 years old when I was diagnosed. There's no history of cancer in my family.
I really used the diagnosis as a wake- up call for my life. I now live each day with as much joy and gratitude as possible. I've 'fallen in love' with my life!
I also found a healthier lifestyle. I mainly eat organic fruits and vegetables and tofu, nuts and seeds and whole grains. It works for me. I try hard to stay away from sugar and processed food.
I also credit embracing yoga as saving my life. I had been so shut down to myself before my diagnosis. I was busy being a good mom and wife and taking care of everyone else and neglecting myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. I became a yoga teacher and have found so much healing and a new way to live. I believe you can choose to live 'a hundred years' in every minute making the most of every single breath or you can live for a hundred years and never truly live for one minute. So no matter how many more minutes I have to my life, I'm vowing to make the absolute most of every single breath and live joyously with much gratitude!
I send love and best wishes to all those going through challenging times.
Namaste! T
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