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Re: Tryptophane, bc and the immune system

Alaska angel

I dont know about the milk. They do advertise (TV is now 60% advertisements-my wife is the one who watches TV) an almond milk or something like that. Perhaps an artificial milk might have less Tryptophane. Tryptophane is an essential amino acid and its found in a lot of foods, turkey being a big one.

I love to learn so Ill do some research over the weekend but I really doubt most bladder cancer has much to do with Tryptophane ingestion. You cant avoid it in food and the % of people who develop bladder cancer who were taking Tryptophane for sleep is probably very low. Smoking is a bladder cancer factor, People whose work involves certain aniline dyes are or were more susceptible.

The big bladder cancer cause worldwide is in Egypt. Its is a worm disease called
Bilzahariasis or something similar. The spelling is off. Egyptian workers who go
barefoot in stagnant water pick up the worm through their skin and the large quantity of eggs produced by the worm go to the bladder, irritate and inflame it and after many years of inflammation, bladder cancer develops. Once again Ill say if you are worried about Tryptophane speak with a registered dietician

Like you said the melatonin kind of loses its effect over time. I found a useful trick with it that might help you sleep. Buy rapid dissolve melatonin 5mg (I think it is sublingual) and if you wake up early take a tab. It helps me get back to sleep in the early morning

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