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Thanks Joe!

I sent the link to a dear friend of mine with metastatic b/c. She has severe lymphedema and her insurance company is refusing to pay for her compression sleeve. There is a sample letter of appeal on the website that she is going to send to her insurance company. She has been struggling with writing yet another letter and was thrilled to find one perfect for her situation.

Thanks again for your help and for this website - truly a blessing to so many.

Best regards,
Dx: 11/23/05, Lumpectomy 12/12/05
Tumor 2.2 cm, Stage II, Grade 3, Sentinel Node biopsy negative
ER+ (30%) /PR+ (50%), HER2+++
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Herceptin started with 2nd Taxol, given weekly until chemo done
then given every 3 weeks for one year ending on March 16, 2007
Radiation 30 treatments
Tamoxifen - 2 yrs (pre-menopausal)
May 2008 - Feb 2012 Femara
Aug 2008 - Feb 2012 Zometa every 6 months
March 2012 - Stop Femara, now Evista for bone strengthening
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