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Re: Insulin potentiated therapy (IPT)

Interesting video by Shallenberger:

Interesting statements:
100% of people over 60, upon autopsy, have undiagnosed cancer kept in check by immune system:

Women aged 40+: 40% have BC in one breast, 25% in one breast, i.e. 33% never diagnosed and inconsequential

Proposed course for cancer treatment:
Treat cause
Bolster health
Kill cancer

Warburg effect (sugar metabolism issues) decreases oxidation. Poor oxidation levels common in cancer.

Liver dysfunction(hampered O2, fat and sugar issues) common to stage III and IV cancer.
Vegetarian diet to reduce toxicities.
Coffee enemas (ouch) as direct line to liver trigger release of bile and associated toxicities.
Stress undermines ability to control cancer, needs addressing.
Intra-cellular analysis via identifies immune system deficiencies
Possible adjustment with mushrooms, ozone and hormone replacement strategies.

Kill the cancer
assess individualized chemo susceptibility through blood analysis.
Chemosensitivity (CTC/blood based) lab mentioned:
Indicates sensitivity to chemo as well as natural supplement(Vit C, Quercetin, Hyd perox)and anti-angiogenics.

The problem with traditional chemo is dosage. Sensitivity and phase targeting reduces dose.

Insulin potentiation therapy (IPT) to make cancer cells more suceptible to identified/targeted chemo at reduced dose:
Breast cancer cells have many insulin receptors.
Healthy non-brain cells can live on fat. Cancer cells need glucose. Insulin can be applied to reduce blood sugar just above point that brain needs, while damaging cancer cells. In so doing, insulin induced sugar starvation for 5 minutes followed by sugar puts sugar-starved cancer cells into hyperactive S-phase where they are more susceptible to chemo. 10x more chemo is ingested into cancer cells, with 20 x more cancer cells in chemo vulnerable S-phase. 10x more susceptibilty means 1/10 of normal chemo needed for sensitivity informed killing.

Aaannnd...California reprimand of Shallenberger:

And another damning article/thread on Shallenberger:


Mom's treatment history (link)
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