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Re: Insulin potentiated therapy (IPT)

No doubt IPT is controversial/alternative. But the Warburg effect and glycolysis has been around and ignored for a long time. There are numerous indications (eg. Metformin) the concept has some merit. Whether IPT has merit is hard to tell considering the lack of formal trials. But at an admittedly simplistic level, it seems to exploit the same mechanisms that Glucose based PET imaging does. They've known for many years to keep diabetics from taking their Metformin because it interferes with tumor activity. Well...common sense would tell you that's a good thing. Now, many years later, science seems to be saying "Maybe metformin is good." IPT looks like an attempt to harness the same mechanism in a more aggressive fashion. Just saying Metformin was basically sitting under their nose for years. Maybe IPT is the same. And taking it a little further, maybe the supposed myth of "sugar feeds cancer" is at the core. The connections between cancer, metabolism and diabetes continue to be discovered.
Metabolic syndrome

Many researchers are piling on to the idea that PET scan uptake a short time after treatment can show whether a given chemo is reaching and affecting (slowing down) the tumor cells. Again, common sense. It would be interesting to see how IPT treated tumor cells look a few days after treatment. Although not primed with extensive sugar deprivation via insulin, it would be very interesting to look at existing cancer patients' records who had chemo immediately after glucose injection/PET scan.
I've heard oncologists say more aggressive cancers respond better to chemo. Maybe their increased activity separates them more readily from normal cells and makes them a more visible target for chemo. Maybe deprivation, then giving cancer cells a temporary sugar rush makes them more targetable in the same way.

Maybe a middle ground (avoids insulin injections) would be to use metformin or ultra low carb diet between treatments but stop it prior to chemo in the same way as Metformin is stopped before PET. If you can't get a glucose shot or IV, maybe a six pack of Orange crush after chemo infusion would do the trick. Not sure I'm joking.

Mom's treatment history (link)
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