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Re: Chest pain anyone?

Are you receiving infusions via peripheral vein (arm) or via an infusa-port (surgically implanted port)? Many ports use tubing that ends just above the heart. If you're experiencing pain related to infusion via such a device, you may want to mention this to the surgeon who installed it. Imaging may reveal any misplacement/migration of the tubing into contact with the heart/valve. This is very unlikely, but, again, it couldn't hurt to just mention it to the surgeon.
Mom's stats:
2001: Hx H/O contralateral Right Breast Cancer: pT1bN0, ER/PR+, HER2 Neg, mastectomy
11/2015: Abnormal finding on mammogram
12/4/15: US-guided biopsy
12/10/15: Dx Left Breast Cancer, ER+/PR+, HER2 equivocal by IHC
12/15/15: HER2+ by FISH
12/21/15: Lumpectomy/axillary LN removal; 2 sentinel nodes=both Ca+
12/29/15: T1cN1M0, ER+/PR+/HER2+, Gr3, IDC & DCIS; 16 axillary nodes=all Ca-; Stage 2a; drain removed; f/u with Med Onc

1/14/16: little purple power port installed
1/20/16: Cycle 1, TCH (+ Neulasta on next day)
2/10/16: Cycle 2, TCH (+ Neulasta on next day)
3/2/16: Cycle 3, TCH (+ Neulasta on next day)
3/23/16: Cycle 4, TCH (+ Neulasta on next day)

4/13/16: Cycle 5, CH (stopped Taxotere due to increasing numbness in extremities) (+ Neulasta on next day)
5/4/16: Cycle 6, H (stopped Carboplatin due to severe, life-threatening anemia) (stopped Neulasta) Rec'd 2 units pRBCs. F-up blood draw in 1 wk
6/6/16: started 16 cycles of radiation (followed by 4 booster doses)

7/1/16: last booster dose today--no more radiation!
12/16: last Herceptin!
1/24/17: port removed!

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