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Smile 10 yrs stage 3b 45 positive nodes.....

Well. ..I never thought would see this day! !its hard to remember the chemo and trips to the er because I was dehydrated.others around me can remember every day...the crying...the melancoly..the complete hopelessness.....drs gave me no hope and ripped my heart and soul out of me.. and look. .. God's grace has given us hope in herceptin! I am 10 yrs Ned... don't let any dr or anyone take hope out of your soul! !
Michele Ulmer

Dx.2003 Stage 3b 35 pos nodes

Dx August 2003 Stage 3B with 35/35 nodes IDC age 39
A/C x4 Taxol x12
35 radiation tx
1Year Herceptin in trial
HER2 vaccine trial Seattle
3 months Tykerb off label

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