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Re: Stage IV Survivors out there?

Hello Gift,

I hope one day to get to where Steph already is... ;-) I only just got started on this journey, but am so far doing well (re-staging on Friday, so we'll see what that will bring).

In the meantime, since you asked about treatments: Like you, I also got 6 x Taxotere and Herceptin, but in addition to that also got Pertuzumab (Perjeta). Since I have bone mets, I also got Xgeva every four weeks.

Currently (since July) I'm on only Herceptin and Perjeta, and my oncologist would like to reduce the frequency of Xgeva - will discuss next week.

And yes, there are many long term survivors in this forum - mamacze comes to mind, as do Adriana Magnus and Bunty. I recently heard from a woman my age that has been on Herceptin only for 4 years - no progression! I also think that some long term survivors that are NED for a considerable time may not come to the forum any more, or very rarely - they are out there living their life!

Hang in there, one day this will be a manageable, even curable disease!
03/2014: Diagnosed with ER/PR-, HER2+++ MBC (bone mets, oligometastatic)
04/2014: Started 6 cycles of "PHD" (Perjeta, Herceptin, Docetaxol)
07/2014: Finished 6 cycles of PHD; restaging; 2 bone mets are sclerotic - looks like Herceptin and Perjeta is working
10/2014: STABLE!
01/2015: STABLE!
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08/2015: STABLE!
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