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Re: Kadcyla Side Effects

Hi, all - my first post on this wonderful forum! I just started Kadcyla on Friday, waiting for side effects. Very curious about Rupali's experience of brain met/s disappearing - I thought Kadcyla didn't cross the BBB? Very good news if it does! I had a cerebellum lesion resected in January and have some faint evidence of leptomeningeal disease on MRI although it's not clear yet, so I'm worried my cancer has free rein in my CNS if I'm just on Kadcyla. Any details on this? Thanks! Will check other threads about milk thistle, etc.
Feb 2012: diagnosed with 1 cm lesion rt breast, DCIS left breast, Stage IV ER+/HER2+
Apr 2012: bilateral partial excisions; confirmed met to left proximal femur, long gamma nail inserted to stabilize femur:
May 2012: radiation to femur: chemo with Trastuzumab + taxane.
July 2012 thru Mar 2015: started maintenance regime Herceptin+Arimidex+Denosumab, NED
May 2014: recurrence in right acetabulum: 15 fractions radiation
Jan 2015: lesion in left cerebellum: resection & gamma knife treatment
Mar 2015: small mets confirmed in rt axilla, rt breast, T7 vertebra, possible met as isolated spiculated pulmonary nodule left lung
27 Mar 2015: start Kadcyla, discontinuing aromotase inhibitors; within two weeks axilla/rt breast lesions are shrinking noticeably
18 April: resume letrozole
May: all lesions disappeared or dormant
May, Aug, & Nov 2015: every 3 month MRI follow-up brain/spinal scans: all negative for CNS disease
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