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Re: Kadcyla Side Effects

I have been on Kadcyla for over 2 yrs now, NED for around a year! It has been a blessing for me.
The first 3 rounds were tough, flu like symptoms and a lot of pain. But it did get easier for me I do have neuropathy off and on. I take vit B6 and L-Cartine for it. If I run out and forget to pick more up, the tingly seems to come back. So I think the vitamins really help
Yesterday my tumor markers have increased, tripled since last time!!
Dr will retest in 6 wks. I really hope this is not the end of kadcyla for me. I'm still working and living a pretty "normal" life and worry that may all come to an end soon
[/SIGPIC]37 years old
12/10 her 2+, ER+ invasive ductile carc stage 3C
1/11 taxol herc 12 wks
4/11 FEC herc 12 wks
8/11 masectomy 48 lymph nodes removed
9/11 tamoxifen
10/11 radiation thru Dec
11/12 recon!
12/12. It's back. :( mets to liver and lungs
Stopped tamoxifen
1/13 TDM1 expansion trial
4/13 lung mets gone 65% reduction in liver markers in low teens!
12/13 lungs still clear! Liver mets reduction
12/13 opherectomy
1/14. Tumor markers increasing. 30's now
2/14 TMs back in high teens
4/14 increased calcium levels
5/14 Xgeva to kadcyla. Scan showed tiny scar tissue on sternum, not previously ever seen
8/14 NED
12/14 NED!!
4/15. NED. YAY! Dr thinking about stopping kadcyla
8/15 left side of tongue and lips went numb, brain MRI revealed 10 lesions all over the brain. :(
8/15. Tumor markers still in high teens ???
8/15. 15 rounds of Whole Brain Radiation
Started an Alzheimer's medicine, Namenda, to help preserve brain cognition.
9/15 started Afinator and Tykerb
10/15. Brain MRI. 7 rumors left, nothing new, nothing growing
12/15. 3 sessions of cyber knife
3/16 MRI stable. Nothing new nothing growing nothing shrinking
5/16. MRI. 4 existing tumors doubled in size and 2 new tumor
Looking into clinical trials
6/16. 6 2 hr sessions of cyber knife
10/16 stable MRI
11/16 back in the body.......lungs liver lymph nodes sternum
11/16 abraxane herceptin xgeva
12/16 lungs clear but now 2 tumor in liver
2/17 Opdivo ibrance Tykerb xgeva
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