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Re: Vitamin D thread -Please use this for your Vit D info.

Vitamin D insufficiency is widespread even in areas you would not expect it.

A recent headline in the United Arab Emirates . . .

in common with low levels in much of the world

"90% of UAE population Vitamin D deficient, says DHA official"

"Dubai: Over 90 per cent of the UAE population is Vitamin D-deficient and the food industry is now being asked to fortify juices, milk and other dairy products with the vitamin, said Wafa Ayesh, director of Clinical Nutrition at the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and chairperson of the third edition of Dubai Nutrition Conference which started on Thursday.

She spoke to Gulf News on the sidelines of the three-day conference.

Following the two-year ongoing Vitamin D study being conducted in collaboration with Professor Michael Holick, an American endocrinologist and celebrated authority on Vitamin D deficiency, the DHA has now started a 22-week food education programme in nurseries to train parents on how to provide balanced nutrition to their children

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