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Re: 19 years and still going strong

Hi ArojelaGeop,

Sorry but I don't understand your post. Have you posted it in the wrong place?


Thank you so much for your reply, and to all you others who have responded. I can't believe it is a whole year since I was on here. I am so busy on the UK board I admin, and it was getting a post from Trish that brought me back to say hi. Trish reading your bio it sounds like you have had a real tough time - I thought I had a lot of chemos but you have had so much - doesn't look like you ever got a break! I found that once I was put on herceptin I haven't so far needed any further chemos.

I am still here LOL. The pain has become an increasing problem and they discovered last year that it was not my bone mets (hips or spine) that were causing the problem. The latest MRI scan showed I had a soft tumour growing alongside my lumbar spine! wrapping itself around the nerves that exit there. I had 5 shots of rads to the area in the hope of controlling the tumour and subsequent mri have shown it has not grown any further but as it is almost a year since that I will be asking for a further mri. Love to you all xxx

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